Psycho Shuttle Driver.


I started a new position at a job a few months ago. Management is extremely lenient because of union workers (I’m not in union just yet). The business always has super shady things happening and people still have their jobs. We have a weird alcoholic (possible druggie)shuttle driver. I was warned about him after a night out with other Co workers. But me being a odd ball myself. I like to make my own judgment on people. We’ve had a few beers and hung out. Everything seemed fine. Until, the other day I asked him if he was going to give me a ride to the bus stop. He said "NO, I’m going to take you to a ditch and rape you!". I knew he was joking. Laughed it off. Today, he was complaining about not getting tips. I said "here’s a tip wipe from front to back" jokingly. He flipped the hell out on me! Telling me not to ask him for rides or special runs anymore cause he’s done! He told my boss and my boss wrote me up!!

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