Ring Ring


So we just moved to a new office. The ring volume on our new phones we have are super loud so we tone them down a bit to the lowest volume setting, yet they’re still super loud. The rest of our team decided to prank another guy. He leaves for lunch and when he returns he sits back in his chair to relax a bit with his feet on his desk. Before he returns we put his volume setting as loud as it gets. He never really gets calls so we feel confident we can set him up. We organize ourselves via email. 10 minutes after he puts his feet up to relax after lunch we call him. Here’s how it turns out:

(All quiet….)
(send the email out for the 1-minute countdown before i call)
(we call)
Guy: “aahh” [wack!, THUD!, CRACK!]
(falls off of chair in fright)
Guy: “DUDE, What the F**K!”

(entire office breaking down in laughter)

It was great.

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