Social Butterfly


Does everyone have a person in their office who spends all day long contributing to the lack of productivity that goes on each day? There’s a girl in this office who spends all day long coordinating office birthdays, lunches, weekend plans, etc. I do not think she was hired to plan and execute social events for other office mates. All morning each Monday she hits each cube asking what everyone did. “How was your weekend?” Then around 11 am each day she wants to know where everyone’s going for lunch, and then will tell everyone else where everyone else is going. Around 3-ish she’s asking what night plans are. If there is a television event, she wants to talk about it the next day. Friday at 2 she’s asking what everyone is planning for their weekend. She should have a clipboard and work on a cruise ship. All she wants to do is coordinate and check up on various activities that everyone ELSE is doing. Holy crap. Find something to do. Like, work and stuff.

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