That Bitch is Crazy


It’s 08:15 am and I am trying to meet a deadline. 2 hours of work to accomplish in 15 minutes when the truck arrives. Somehow, my Drama Queen co-worker knows I am on a time crunch and decides to pawn off a Customer on me so she can be off to smoke and text. She spends most of the day smoking and texting. The only interruptions are of course, Lunch break and Customers. Knowing that is her plan I told her to take care of the problem herself. Minutes later she storms into a manager’s meeting ranting how I will not disrespect her and not talk to her condescendingly and pulls out every crazy she can find out of her bag of Drama.

Already stressed from a critical deadline, I replied in a cold hard condescending tone. " I’m tired of having to do your job just so you can slack of outside smoking and texting" (exactly what she did).

Guess who got the disciplinary action? The guy that shows up early, works late and works hard or the woman that spends 6 hours a day texting and smoking? (the other 2 are spent surfing internet and eating chips at the front counter.)

Yep! Time to find another job. Hard work is no match for a Drama Queen slacker!

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