This is why I Drink at Work


I work with complete idiots. I am not just saying that. They are so mentally deficient, a broom could handle the workload in a more productive manner. There are two managers. One got the job because he goes to church with our director. He has absolutely zero experience in the technology field. His degree is in accounting. WTF??? The other only got her job because the previous manager was such a colossal fuck up that after 5 years, they had to replace him. Lesser of two evils I suppose. Anyway, my days are filled correcting their mistakes and explaining to them for the eleventeenth time how to accomplish the most mundane tasks. They just can’t grasp it. And who do you think takes the fall when they fuck up? Yeah, that’s right. I think they thrive on chaos in the name of job security. And they wonder why I drink all day. In the words of Remy Zero-Somebody Save Me.

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