We went on like, a date!


Look Anonymous Girl in the cubicle in the next row over… nobody gives a shit about your non-existent sex life! Have you looked at yourself recently?? It doesn’t matter how many damn calories were in that carrot you had for lunch today. Diets don’t get rid of ugly! Now, I know your a little naive and quite possibly the sole reason blondes have that “stupid” stereotype, but just because your roomate’s male friend visited her last night does not mean you had an exciting night of almost hooking up with hot guys. And just because an NBA player was at one party that you went to does not mean you two “dated.” Perhaps when you finally realize that Professional Basketball players are actually able to have standards about the women they sleep with, you can finally understand that you are NOT one of those women and merely being in the same crowded room as someone does not constitute a “date.”
Perhaps it’s best if you just stop talking altogether. We understand that having every single person in the office telling you to shut up at least once is a bit too difficult a concept for you to grasp… but it really is about time you stop.

After all… haven’t you noticed that you’ve literally only been talking to yourself in your cubicle?

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