Wheat Grass


Let me start this story off by saying that my co-worker is the type of person who records her neighbors when their music is too loud. She literally pulls out a video recorder and films them the entire time they have music on. I know this because she has showed me. This may be one of my favorite stories about my co-worker but today I found out how she cured cancer on her own without any help from the doctors. I am not saying this is impossible or that I do not believe in miracles but some stories are best left unsaid.

My co-worker told me when she found out that she had cervical cancer she treated it by sticking wheat grass up her rear end every day for three weeks. Then she went to the doctor after three weeks and he told her that it was completely gone. While telling me the story she made certain gestures that acted out how she would shove wheat grass where the sun doesn’t shine. This is only one of the many stories I have heard.

More to come…

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