Where Do You Keep Your Phone


I have a new co-worker (she’s 30+) and speaks in a little baby-girl voice (we’re phone operators and the baby voice annoys the p*ss outta me)….okay, so on her first day, she wanted so badly to be my buddy and asked me what I do for lunch. To ward her off, I told her, “I just drive around in my car and chainsmoke.” This worked very well–keeping her off my back for buddy-hood, and just generally making her think I’m strange. Yesterday, she gave me her home and cell numbers (she calls some other co-workers before work hours with her “traffic updates”) and asked for mine. Not to be a jerk,I gave it to her but told her that I only keep my phone on vibrate during the week and keep my phone in my bra (44DD and, yes, it makes a fine wallet)at which point I pulled open my shirt just enough to show her it was a true statement. I’ve yet to receive a call from her.

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“Where Do You Keep Your Phone”

  1. On June 12th, 2013 at 6:20 pm richard Says:

    So i am guessing you are the crazy co worker in this story, well played.