You all hold advanced degrees?


I am an off-site worker for a university laboratory. I rarely see a lot of my co-workers, and we have a special network set up between the two sites so we can transfer files that can’t be hand-carried. I know that about 10 people up there have access to the network. I also know that every couple of months the passwords have to be changed, or they expire.
Today I received an email from one of them, asking me if it was possible for me to start using a different system entirely (which actually doesn’t even exist down here) because the other network "is not reliable due to everyone’s passwords expiring."
NOOOOO…it’s NOT the NETWORK that is unreliable….it’s YOU! Out of 10 people who hold advanced degrees and walk the halls of one of the top university research labs in the country, NONE of you is smart enough to set a reminder on your email to tell you to change your password before it expires? You’re fucking killing me……

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