You’re Cut


I used to work at a lawn service and the turnover rate was insane. Very few people lasted longer than a week or two. I always loved picking on the new guys because they were such tools.

We used to cut a lot of commercial properties with lakes on them. Cutting the grass around lakes can be pretty tricky because it’s usually pretty steep and there are also lots of holes and rocks you have to watch out for right on the shore.

One time this silly new guy was out working with us and we made him cut around the lake on his first day because for some reason he kept running his mouth about how awesome he was at cutting grass (as if that were something to be proud of).

So this d-bag is cutting around the late and the next thing I know, I look over and he’s got the two front wheels of the mower in the lake. He’s trying to put it in reverse and back it out. He’s looking all around with this ‘I just shit my pants’ look, trying to find someone to help him. He’s yelling and screaming (almost to the point of tears) as if it were his kid being thrown into the lake.

Meanwhile I’m about 50 yards always laughing my ass off like it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Finally, that idiot turns off the mower blades (which had been chopping up water) and we tow the mower out with one of the trucks. That guy quit right then and there. What a piece of work.

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