Too old?


I went to a job interview and met with the owner of the company. He said he wanted young ideas, young energy, young attitudes, young faces, not that of an experienced pro with as many years as I have. Then the a-hole said that I was really too old for his company.

Since I didn’t record the cnversation I have no recourse.

At another company the CTO was very stuck up and looked down her nose at me. She thought her’s didn’t stink. Kinda glad I didn’t get the job.

An employment agency sent me to an interview in NYC for a CTO position who had some minor knowledge of social media. I shleped into that God awful place taking 3 subways to get to the interview. I met with the COO who told me he wanted a marketing guru, not a CTO. I wasted a day going into the bung hole of the nation for nothing.

At a job fair there was a local hospital recruiting. I went to them and they told me that they were not hiring. (WTF were they there then?) Standing back and watching from a distance I observed that when a young girl went over to the recruiters, they were all over her like white on rice. Are we talking age and sex discrimnation?

I made an official complaint to the EEOC. They sided with me and said that the recruiters violated the law. But the EEOC cannot enforce the law and I would need to hire a lawyer to sue the hospital. I didn’t and still don’t have the money for the retainer. So the hospital gets away scott free.

At another interview with a disaster relief organization the director who was black, said wanted diversity in her team. What? Then she went on to say that my skin color was the wrong shade. Great more discrimination.

I sent my resume to a bank and was called in for an interview. At the interview the HR woman looked at me and said "you’e a man!". Like she did’nt read the resume. Plus my wife is glad I’m a man.

At another company they kept my waiting in the lobby for 3 hours.
Every time I asked the receptionist what was the holdup, she said it will be a few more minutes. After the 3rd hour of waiting, I just got up and left.

At another disaster organization I waited for an hour and a half before the director showed up from shopping for our appointment. We went into her office then she said thanks for comming but she didn’t have time to talk with me. Another waste of my time.

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