Gross veiny old cow legs


My manager thinks shes all that but her 64 year old legs are so gross and she wears tight short dresses that smell like mildew with no tights. It makes me want to puke whenever i see her.

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There is no god at sprouts farmers market


It has been almost a year since I’ve left that place. I normally get over places or people that did me wrong. This place gives no communication to their workers on what they want done. I walk in there because some of my friends loves sprouts. So I go along dragging my feet. I gave the honest shot to try to get over it.
I realize the problem with that is my moral beliefs. That place treats everyone like shit. It took a better job to realize that. I get so negative about that place because I kn Read the rest of this entry »

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Be Gone Cruella DeVille


Moody nit picking micro-managers suck! I wish you would stop picking on others especially other managers! That is unprofessional!

I am sick to death of your moods!! It sucks! I dread coming into work wondering what kind of a mood you will be in! I hate you!!!! May you crash into a tree and DIE!!!

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Now she’s my boss???!!!


I have worked at the same place for 29 years, working my way up from entry level to supervisory position. The last few years, I have been groomed to take over for my boss when he retires. Well, he’s retiring, and our "new" administration and HR department are giving his job to a young (26) pretty thing with no managerial or supervisory experience. She has only been with the organization for a year, and six months ago she was at the very bottom entry level position. Did I mentio Read the rest of this entry »

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Old ran down ho bitches all day


If you hate your job so bad quit you old ran down ho.

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Managers policy as opposed to company policy


Right so ive recently been promoted into management after working damn hard for progression. I thought thank christ finally i can start saving for my mortgage properly. Things were looking up. Then i had to move branches. And now i swear im in one of the levels of hell battling Satan herself and her dogs body. I can only really describe my new manager and assistant manager as bullies. Horrible rule making bullies. Because of the shit theyve put me through ive developed stress related health iss Read the rest of this entry »

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Hitler Of Managers!


So long story short (sorry if it’s not. Lol) I work in retail…lets just say a well known pharmacy store that starts with a big red ‘W’ that’s at the corner of ‘Not so happy and unhealthy’. I have worked there going on 4 years, have loved my job for the most part and loved most but not all of my employees especially up until now. We had a recent switch over to a new manager who use to work at our store a few times before while making her rounds to get to where she is today (store manager Read the rest of this entry »

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If you were not gay


So I know nobody at the office have the courage to tell you you are a mean spirited person because you are gay…

Guess what? I am too. I don’t want problem with HR,

So what we tranfer you technical calls YOU are our IT tech.
So what I tranferred it a 4:52, you work until 5
So what you are funny and nice once in a while, the rest of the time you are mean

I never had a gay friend and really wanted one, but sorry it will never be you

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Fat ass bitch


I get that I’m young and blonde, and maybe that’s why your a fat ass bitch to me! I’m new and you’ve made m,y experience like hell! You sit up front doing nothing, while I run all over the place with back problems when I get home. Don’t talk to me like I’m 5, I just started, so clearly I don’t know where you guys keep shit. Screw you and your unprofessional ugly double chin! I hope you get crabs.

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Firing me over screensaver?


Today I was basically threatened with being fired for not having a screensaver running on my computer. I have tried numerous times to run a screensaver but for some reason they don’t stay running while I’m away. I had an app running that blacks out the screen, sort of, but when the room is dark the screen didn’t look 100% black, but dark with a bit of a glow still. But because it wasn’t a screen "saver" the boss thinks the screen will be damaged and it may get an image burned in Read the rest of this entry »

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