A lack of respect


When you interviewed me, I should have trusted my gut instincts and said no. But no, your big brown eyes and West of Ireland charm got me onside.

You arsehole. In the twenty months you have paid my wages, all I wanted to do was learn from you and progress.
All I have actually managed to achieve is to be the proud owner of YOUR stress and bottom of your list of priorities leaving you free to do whatever the fuck you want.

Every time you think I am in danger of leaving, I get the old Galway charm again. How stupid must I have been to think you would be interested in me?? Third time unlucky for you moron. I will neither forgive NOR forget this one.

I promise you this sunshine - one day you will wake up and I won’t be there. On that day, you will realise that the admin staff you think are more important than your tax manager can’t actually help you do your job, and more importantly, you won’t be able to talk to them the way we talk.

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