A letter to my idiot bosses


Dear idiot boss n.o. 1
Thank you for firing me today, so I no longer have to face your incompetent, moronic face. No longer will I have to see you sitting on your ass playing games on your mobile phone all day long, eating the very food we are supposed to sell. Heck, i was generous enough to contact a wholesaler and buy necessary foodstuffs with my own money since you were too lazy and retarded to do it yourself and what do you do? TAKE MOST OF IT HOME FOR YOURSELF. AND TRY TO LIE TO ME ABOUT IT. I’m no idiot. Hope you choke on a bagel, you fat fuck.

Dear idiot boss n.o. 2
You have shit for brains. I’m here to earn money for honest work, not listen to you ramble about how poor and stressed you are. Yes, I agree with you that idiot boss n.o. 1 is one of the most mentally deficient people out there(along with yourself), but it gets old when you bitch and whine like a teenage girl and ask for my advice every single day. And that meal you complained to me that tasted shit and that I should do better…? YOU ARE THE ONE WHO COOKED IT. I only put it on the plate.

You are so scatterbrained that you cannot even remember the food that you cooked yourself. Good luck on training the fresh faced workers taking my position. Like so many before, they are likely to be astounded by your idiocy and quit within that month.

P.S. Stop running away from customers. Why the fuck did you open a hospitality business if you have social anxiety?

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