All I want is a sound proof room


My office has no door and I hear everything. There are three other females working on my floor and there are many days I would like to trade them out for guys. I am a female too, but I don’t feel the need to share every detail of my life with my coworkers. These chicks talk about what they did the night before, they talk about what they had for breakfast, what they are doing for lunch, supper, night time activities, weekend activities, family stuff, church stuff…I get to hear it all from my office. When I come in the get something from the kitchen or work area I get caught by one of them and questioned about my life….help me. Does anyone actually work at work anymore? I like to get a little break time in as well….but man…hours wasted…that is just crap. I’m paid to do a job and I want to do it well. Honestly I think they come to work to relax. Pisses me off pretty bad sometimes because I’m trying to focus and they are freaking loud most of the day. I need silence to work. I hope we get a new office soon!!!!!!

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