Check the Time Cards!! EVERY WEEK!!


With business as slow as it is, I am well aware that overtime is all but unheard of these days, but you should never take for granted that one or two of us work a little extra once in awhile. This past week, for instance, I punched in early under the direction of your co-owner/jerk in charge of this place. I didn’t do it without instruction or approval, so I expected to be PAID for that extra hour I worked that day. Come Friday, what did I see on my paycheck? 40 hours. My overtime have not been noticed, let alone PAID. Naturally, I made a point to alert you to this "oversight". You didn’t even take the hint when I hand-delivered the time cards to your DESK earlier that day.
On Fridays, you have only one real duty to perform, Mel: You’re in charge of payroll — and with only three payroll checks to make out every week, it can’t be that hard to check three time cards. It already makes me nuts that you wait until 4:29 on most Fridays before you suddenly remember to give those checks to us — even though you’ve had them done for at least two hours. Taking for granted that there won’t be any "extra" time to figure out is inexcusable.
If memory serves me, didn’t you get into trouble a few years ago for NOT taking the trouble to add up actual time worked by your employees? If you’re not going to pay attention to the timecards, then why not dump the whole time clock thing anyway?

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