Colleague using me as an excuse for his mistake.


Today at work, my boss of this small company sat down my colleague and had a talk with him. I didn’t know what of until my colleague strolled his damn ass to my desk straightaway afterwards. He begins by telling me what my boss told him and it was that "how he didn’t use time to converse with someone when he goes over and meet them because or otherwise if he had used more time he would’ve been able to lure the person to agreeing using our service" he tells me that when "I" make the meetings with people that "I should from now on have an hour or an hour and a half gap" between them. What he said I wasn’t pissed, not yet… He completely turns the whole thing of him failing to persuade people into doing our service to me not giving him enough time for him to persuade the person into doing our service. He quickly finds me as an excuse for his failure these few weeks. It is bullshit because I DO give him a good length of time between each appointments. If the two locations are 10 mins from each other I give him an hour time between them both. If the locations are twenty minutes between each other I give him two hours and a half, anyone can check the schedules records and tell you I do give him time. But yeah he keeps saying how he’s nervous during the meeting with the person cause he’s thinking about the next one. It is so bullshit. Not to mention a few months ago he gave me an advice of not needing to separate the appointments too far apart because it doesn’t take him long, like 15-20 minutes. But I never listened or took the so called "tip." I just did what felt right to me, he wasn’t gonna corrupt my position. But I’m just so mad at how he came to me and blamed me on me. For example this morning he had two places to go. One was made at 9:30am he has to arrive. The next was five minutes away so I made it 10:30am to 11am the time he has to arrive there. His slack off ass just sat at his desk playing with his phone and the computer when he came to work and he left the office for the 9:30am appointment AT 9:45am. He clearly doesn’t care if he can persuade anyone or not to bring some business into our company but he’s just thinking about when he can leave, he honestly doesn’t care if he succeeds or not he just thinks if he’s done his job of talking to people he’s done. I’m so pissed. What a fucking bastard.

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