Coworker is ruining the business


My new coworker was just hired, and had his first day yesterday. He was put straight to work, rather than being trained, because he told the managers he doesn’t need to be trained, because he worked for the same company for six months, and stopped a few months ago. However, he told all of his coworkers, he worked or us six months ago, for only a couple months.

In the one day he worked, he broke so many of our rules it’s not funny. From making the wrong sandwich, without gloves, handing it out and arguing with the customer that it is their sandwich, to deliberately handing out free food, because he would like to date that customer.

Where I work, we have a policy, we hand out ALL the bags in an order, at the same time. That way a customer doesn’t drive away without one of their bags. Yesterday he asked why a salad bag hadn’t been handed out yet, when told about the policy he thought a bit, then simply said the word "No." and handed out the bag.

A cute girl, I guess, drove up to the drive thru window. He was so love struck, he made a few small fries for her order, and handded them outto her, desspite the fact that she didn’t order them, nor did he have her pay for them.

When told to go on his break, after asking for it repeatedly, he breaked out, and then proceeded to untuck his shirt, remove his apron, and remove his belt. He then walked out, without any of his coworkers knowing wtf he was doing

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