Hey ass wipe, you don’t think the rest of us see you ass kissing the nurse manager when she’s around and as soon as she’s gone you turn into the incompetent ass wipe you really are?? God help those poor patients. But thanks to me, I watch your fat fucking ass and protect the patients as much as I can. Of course you just hate it that I am much more competent than you and when I point out a major mistake you are making, you become the ass wipe dick shit you are and refuse to listen. You look like a fucking little elf and I can’t stand your butt crack and white underware when you sit (which is 99% of the time) and fuck around pretending you are charting on your patients. I’ve checked all that "charting" you are doing and it seems that you are also an illiteralte piece of ass wipe who cannot seem to chart correctly. And I guess reading the doctor’s orders is a stretch considering how many times you didn’t give antibiotics, almost sent home a patient who could have died if discharged, and basically…….. really, dude, ass wipe, you need to go work with animals. But then again, even animals deserve better care than you can give. And treating patients really nice in front of the nurse manager then not even talking to them after she’s not here to see your pathetic ass wipe nursing skills (or lack of) is a joke to all of us. If you wonder why you aren’t being called to work as often as you’d like………

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