eat a big juicy middle finger ;)


im seriously done with this shit job, i dont get paid nearly enough to put up with the bullshit customers and the people i work with. if i tell you im not trained in an area of the restaurant why the fuck would you put me there?!!? what did you expect, for rainbows and unicorns to fly out my ass and everything be perfect… no, i told you point blank i sucked at it for a reason. oh and trying to talk behind my back to other co workers while only standing two feet away is genius, i heard everything. if you expect me to come into work tomorrow and go over the moon and be helpful, guess what its no longer going to happen… if everyone else can get away with being lazy as fuck, then i guess i will too from now on. the minute i find a new job, im gone, i wont miss ANYONE. im only fake nice to people to their face to make the day go by faster, dont think im your friend or want to help you. cause i would rather just cuss you the fuck out instead.

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