Hate the bus


Ok now my job itself could be worse it tedious boring admin
A few of my co-workers have better memories than me know matter how often I make notes there always seems to be some detail or new procedure, they’re like didn’t you read the email then they refuse to show me and say look you must have it when U finally find ot it’s usually weeks,old.,I’m supposd to remember one single communication which U haven’t needed till now cause its specific, Grr,. Howeve despite this their surprisingly nice people.
No what gets me is the commute first a bus into my towns small centre then I catch a ferry, which incidentally is supposed to leave at quartet past and two but always shuts the door a minute early and won’t give you an inch even if you run. Now I know they’ve got a schedule but it takes two minutes to cross and they sit they’re for ten minutes two second to let me on would harm no one. Then the bus. Firstly there’s my fellow commuters a right miserable bunch of people. Then there’s the fact that only one bus goes to where I work and surprise it’s late every night for the ferry I finish at five the bus is due at 5 past the ferry goes back across even half hour. So evey night I arrive just after half five to see it pulling away. I could scream
I must waste hours of my "free time" because of this bad transport

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