Hi, I Am An Indentured Servant


I graduated from a fairly prestigious college in business 5 years ago and each day since then I have grown to increasingly hate the idea of employment. I know I know, you’ve heard this before, but I must let it rip to get it off my chest tonight/this morning.

Being an employee, or indentured servant to a corporation as I see it, appears to inevitably be a dead-end for everyone involved — except for the ownership of the organization. As an employee we put up with ignorant co-workers that only have topical conversations surrounding sports, weather, what they did over the weekend, etc each day. All while we give up 5/7’s (at minimum) of our lives to slowly climb a corporate ladder to gain incremental increases in income each year that are likely to be absorbed by our nation’s inflation rate — thus making us to break-even year to year as it relates to purchasing power, at best! Now, if you’re a good employee (or servant), you may see better salary increases (Great!). Along with these increases we also gain more responsibilities that force us to give up even more than 5/7’s of our life. Wow, aren’t we glad that we are now making $100k/year in substitution for our lives?

This progression fails to even scratch the surface of what we all face as an indentured servant. There are many other facets that trap us into this servitude that really doesn’t benefit any of us. The way I see it, this is an inevitable dead-end in life. There is no "I win" or "I did something great" after performing functions and remedial tasks for a group of individuals that siphon all additional benefits to the company that you create.

"Working for someone is the safe way to be guaranteed a good income", they said. Really, how so? You have no control over your fate and the minute something bad happens in the organization (your fault or not), there is no sense of loyalty from the organization. Poof, you’re gone. Is it really safe when the decisions others make determine how "safe" your income is? Your fate is in control by individuals practicing hypocrisy, nepotism, racism, sexism, and anything else you can think of.

It makes no sense to me and although it isn’t true, I feel like one of the very few people I know that view it the way I do. Surprisingly, it seems that many people enjoy this type of life. I don’t get it nor do I accept it.

It’s time to hustle.

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