Hitler Of Managers!


So long story short (sorry if it’s not. Lol) I work in retail…lets just say a well known pharmacy store that starts with a big red ‘W’ that’s at the corner of ‘Not so happy and unhealthy’. I have worked there going on 4 years, have loved my job for the most part and loved most but not all of my employees especially up until now. We had a recent switch over to a new manager who use to work at our store a few times before while making her rounds to get to where she is today (store manager). Our previous store manager was awesome! Everyone loved him. He was very laid back and didn’t get on you when it came to doing stuff because he knew what everyone was capable of doing when it came to their jobs. He also cared about his employees and their happiness when it came to scheduling and what not.. He recently switched stores and we ended up getting our new ‘lovely’ manager who no one was happy having back due to previous experiences with her in the past. Since she has arrived we have had a handful of wonderful hardworking employees that have been in this company for years quit and walk out from the time she started a few months back up until now. She is the most bi polar women I have ever met! she does not care about anyone but herself. Got forbid you stop for a second to take a breath or think about what your next task is and she is up your ass telling you to hurry up and get busy. She makes employees do things that only managers or shift leads are responsible for doing to get out of doing them herself then bitches at us if they’re not done properly or to her standards. Since she arrived our customer service scores have been at the lowest they have EVER been since I started my job there. She is constantly late for opening the store in the morning sometimes up to a half hour late but is the first person to bitch at someone who is a minute late. She has made false accusations against employees making them walk out and quit. Another employee of mine who recently quit from being a victim of her lies and accusations told me that she (the new manager) told her that she liked the idea of having all new people being hired so she can train them the way she thinks everyone there should be trained and working. There are only 2 people left (one including myself) that have been there long before she took over cause everyone that I started with that was there up until she took over has left. We think she’s trying to get rid of us and push us to our breaking points just to make us quit or snap so she has a reason to fire us so she can get her new minions who wouldn’t be able to see her true colors right away and know how she really is to do her dirty work for her. We all think she’s intimidated by us (the 2 original employees left) cause she can’t conform us to how she wants or thinks we should be working. In her eyes everyone has to be at her level and work pace and if you don’t conform to that you will pay for it. In all my time there I have never hated this job more. It’s funny how one horrible manager can send what once was such a wonderful staff (almost like a family) down to the pits of hell.

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