Hotel Hell. She Was Hired Here…Why?


The more I learn and witness, the further her employment here pisses me off. Let’s start off by pointing out the normal hiring procedure. Someone fills out an application, they get called in for an interview or two, go through a background check, and finally a drug screen. The manager had to work the desk one day, because our other clerk quit without warning and no one else could cover without having The Forbidden Overtime. Well, lucky her, she came in for an application the ONE DAY our manager was working and apparently was hired "on the spot" as She worded it. She came in for an application and was told to come in tomorrow to fill out the hiring paperwork, there was no interview needed. I’ve never managed a business, so maybe that’s why I fail to understand this logic, but wouldn’t you want to see if this random person who just walked in qualifies for your company? With, you know, minor things like job experience education and people skills? Those silly trivial things most managers look for in a candidate.

Every new person who starts here is a little rocky in the beginning, which I can understand since I was once new too. I had no prior desk experience, just enough customer service to get me by. The systems we use are outdated and barely supported, and sometimes require a reset (or five). I had patience with her in the beginning, despite the hours I would have to invest to fix all her fuck ups. A month passes, and despite multiple talks with her from both my manager and supervisor….it’s as if I have a balloon for a co-worker. Nothing but air up there. I’m not talking small fuck ups either. I’m talking everything from overcharging a credit card 14 times to handing 22 people keys to rooms they never gave payment for….then never putting those rooms in the system. She would show my supervisor that She knew how to do the required tasks, yet when it came time to do them all that went out the fucking window.

Aside from her being incapable of doing her damn job duties properly, I also came to find that She’s quite the little rude one. It became a daily thing for guests to complain about how rude and "useless" the girl before me was. I’d be nothing but apologetic to these poor people who were exposed to her stupidity, and eventually brought it to my supervisors attention because it got annoying to hear about. My supervisor went to our manager to tell her about all these fuck ups and complaints against her. What does my manager say? Give her time. Time? She was trained for 30 consecutive days and has been on her own for the same amount of time. More weeks pass, and it just gets worse. So bad to the point of where I just barely got my work done on my shift everyday because I always had to fix the disaster She’d leave behind. It’s stressful enough some days here, and then to have to play clean-up-crew? No thank you. My supervisor goes back to my manager to report that She’s not improving, and my manager comes back with "why didn’t you train her like so-and-so?" So-and-so being me. Excuse me? I was in training for 2 months, but in terms of time I was trained for 15 days. I work another job, and had to revolve my training around that. Sometimes I’d go 4 days without training, it was hard to retain information with that kind of time gap but I still did fine. Whereas She was trained for 30 fucking days CONTINUOUSLY. She has had the most training out of everyone! So don’t feed me your "train her like you trained so-and-so" bullshit.

Unable to reason with our manager, my supervisor tried to make it work by putting her on the easiest shift we have. At this point I’m just taken aback by my managers attempt to protect her. So I begin to wonder….why? I asked her what She did at her previous job, She had never worked a day in her life. Ok, everyone has to start somewhere right? I can understand that. I asked her if She lives with her boyfriend or roommates. Nope. Still lives with mom. So She has absolutely no bills but the gas for the car her parents probably bought her. She told me that She has a fake ID that She goes out drinking with practically every night. That explains all the times She’s called in with "food poisoning." So from what I’ve gathered She doesn’t need this job, it’s just something that funds her funtime. Since She was hired immediately I asked my supervisor what other steps were skipped in her hiring. Somehow, TWO DAMN MONTHS LATER, her drug test results have not come back yet. What? It takes the clinic a week AT MOST. That’s not suspicious at all. Regardless of her shitty hiring process, She was doing decent on the easy shift. But there was that one thing that pushed me over the edge.

Anyone in their right mind knows you’re not allowed to fraternize with guests. We’ve had housekeepers instantly fired for that in the past. Tell me why She went on a date with a regular, confessed it like it was nothing, and still works here? Are you serious? She can’t do her job duties, She has terrible customer service skills, and She’s going against company policies….but She’s still here?! My supervisor once again brought up her behavior to our manager. Their reply? You can’t fire her. WHAT? WHY THE FUCK NOT?! SHE’S USELESS AND DAMN NEAR BRAINDEAD. On a side note, if you look at it from the companies perspective….She’s still in her probationary period therefore she can be fired. Wait any longer and She’ll be able to collect unemployment. Remind me again why She can’t be fired? We’ve hired people since her, we’d be able to cover her shifts. The easy shift is what everyone wants, I’m sure my supervisor would have volunteers left and right to cover it. Easy shift or not….She still managed to fuck that up. Unable to fire her, my supervisor is left with no other option but to retrain her. I have never, in all my years, heard of someone having to be trained twice. That is just beyond pathetic.

All the work-related and company bullshit aside, I hate her as a person. She’s your typical teenage girl, and does not belong behind this desk. If I held an orange to her face for comparison, they’d look like twins. If she bleaches her (severely damaged) hair one more time it’s probably going to fall out. She’ll clock in and then 20 minutes later ask to take her break. She steps outside for a cigarette at least 6 times on her 8 hour shift which is unacceptable, and that’s coming from a fellow smoker. She sits up here on her phone or on the computer all throughout her shift. Googling things like "tanning salons, manicure, cool tattoos" and my personal favorite "adventurous things to do." Or just watching Vine videos on Facebook. I got so damn annoyed by her sitting on the computer instead of doing her damn job that I hacked Windows Vista just so I could block all the stupid websites She sits on. It’s as if I have to babysit her. And some of the blonde shit She’s said to me. Good god. I take public transit, always have. "Do you feel cool taking the bus? ‘Cause like, I remember in school that like all the cool kids would take the bus and I felt really cool the one time I took the bus to school but like I don’t know if the city bus is the same"
I got this job thanks to my roommate who took me in when all the shelters in the city were packed due to the winter season. I had been homeless for about a year due to domestic violence. Within that time, I got a minimum wage job that was barely enough to live off of let alone save up with. Thankful to get this clerk job, I worked extremely hard to keep it. And to see some young clueless Barbie bitch hold the same title I do without lifting a single finger to gain it fucking infuriates me.

I hate her, I hate this place, and if my roommate wasn’t stuck here suffering with me I would’ve left a long time ago.

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