How a bad mothers day began


I knew I had to work so I was already sour not being able to spend the day with my mom. I go into work early start a cup of coffee and mentally try and prep for the brutal day ahead . I work at a furniture department store we have guys to take the furniture out to the cars for our customers. One of these guys is a serious slacker have to page 3-5 times to just get him up front . On a normal day it’s not so aggravating but today we had a line going out and several pieces that need to be taken out. And we’ve paged him twice and he just didn’t come up so we had to call someone else to come take this piece of furniture out then he comes out looking like a lost puppy who doesn’t know we’re supposed to be doing and it’s just annoying that he thinks he can just do nothing and get paid. It’s not the first time this has happened and nothing seems to be getting done about this. I’m so frustrated that stupidity is being rewarded and hard work and effort is being ignored . I wish sometimes I could hit him with a frying pan or something because this is getting out of hand and it effects not just customers it effects his coworkers and he doesn’t care in the slightest

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