I Hate All Bosses


Dentist Boss: Never cleaned the phone, made me sit with no mask/gloves/gown when doing a root canal when I was 14 [seriously this was my very first job], had the most disgusting phone which smelled like dried-vomitted spit.

Major Retail Corporation: Rated one of the worst places to work in the world. Enough said.

Another Retail Corporation: Was played big time when it came to money. Another horrid place to climb up the corporate ladder. Had the most anorexic/drama-queen/birdezilla thin-blonde haired boss alive. Staff that talked behind each other’s back and loved to throw people under the bus. I’m glad she left, took a lower position, and still stuck at the mall. I hope she get’s divorced and has several miscarriages [also glad a her mom died]. Look I have no tolerance for people who just take and never give. They deserve all negativity.

Most Recent Job [that I was ever fired from]: A chiro [female] and her fat-bald husband tag-teamed me to fire me. What I should of said before I left because frankly I can’t use them as a reference at all since I was only there for a week! Though they claim "almost two"-bullshit. I left on a Wednesday. That’s not a two-weeks nor almost. Now if it was Thursday or Friday then yes. Get your BS reasons straight.

So here it is:

"If you can’t offer me full-time then why post that shit on craigslist as something YOU CAN offer! If you already gave my position away to someone else that you hired 3 days ago and lord knows how long you trained her for; then WHAT WAS THE POINT TO HIRE SOMEBODY THERE AFTER! Yes, I made mistakes because your system is wack! Also, I’ve only been there for a week! My listening skills are fine and so is my focus. I’m not scatter-brained, even though you claim I’m smart. That’s a back handed compliment if I ever heard one. Perhaps, if you didn’t fuck up your training and actually seperated training from the actual work shift then I would have learned better. By the way learning something within a day and then applying it on the floor is ludacris, yet you say take it slow and be patient and that I’ll get it, but then you fire me because I didn’t get the "ground work" within three days? Training was for three months! How do you go from 3 months to 3 days! If I don’t get the ground work within 3 days then how can I be trained for 3 months you say, WTF! That makes no sense! Training is called training for a reason.

Two of your patient’s stormed out because you as a doctor failed to keep their appointment’s. That’s not my fault, it’s yours sweety. Since you failed to become a real doctor, perhaps you failed at a business major as well.

Your husband needs 4 showers a day knowing how much he sweats and has the body-odor strength to kill a whole rainforest.

Your yoga mats are disgusting, the obese bitch you hired doesn’t do shit and was clearly the favorite. I guess the fat man and obese chick had something in common: fast greasy chinese food.

I’m glad I got fired because I have a better job lined up where they’ll actually pay me at least the minimum I asked for. Not cut my pay.

I can’t stand female bosses with a whipped dick by her side. It’s pathetic!

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