I hate my job and the twits i work with


…. I work with "twenty somethings’,,,, as I am not, obviously or I wouldnt be writing this dumbass lame story, anyways, thier lives are so lame and boring, I try not to listen, but where I sit I cant NOT hear them talk about thier cats and dogs and bf’s and bff’s and ”OH MY G. did you hear about Robert Pattison….", OMG did you hear about….blahblah …..’
Just do your dam work!
AND then, the daydreaming of..marriage and kids and happily ever after…ha, boy do they have a wake up call lol.
I consider my self nice, respectful and havent ever had complaints about my work habits or co-workers in the years I have worked in various places… but this place is something else.
I can’t quit because it’s a decent job, with good pay and benefits, and I should not complain since I have a job period… who else can I gripe too. NO ONE, they are doing anything wrong, and I cant go to my boss..(she’s one fo them…)

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