i hate my job,..hmm a bit of an understatement!!!


The truth is I feel like I want to drive the diesel-powered forklift from next door into my managers office and lift the forks up & hope to God that I would manage to catch him!!!

I fu*cking hate him!!! What a complete Ba*ta*d!!!!!!

so yea this is my rant,…

the last two years at my job have been a complete rollercoaster of emotions. sometimes just something simple he says or does can send me into a flying rage. I’m pretty sure I have anger problems and definitely need to find a new job asap.

It would take me forever to jot down everything I hate about him, but you know something…I don’t wish he wasn’t living in this world anymore, I wish, just for him, that he works all the waking hours and he suffers as much as is humanely possible!!

I know I sound terribly mean, but guys you have no idea! Just hearing his voice and seeing him makes me want to tear my hair out!!

but you know, I can’t burn my bridges & tell him how much I think he should burn in hell! because of course i’d like a reference to move to another job when I can,..so on I go suppressing my desire to fu*king throttle him!!!

I feel a bit better now I’ve said that, nite all :)

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