I’m gonna snap soon.


What started out as something that’s supposed to be amazing turned into a nightmare. I HATE MY JOB. I don’t know how much I’ve cried over this, how my parents witnessed me break down because I don’t have any control in the situation I’m in.

I HATE MY BOSS. I hate how unsupportive everyone is. I hate the never-ending, continuously piling workload that I can’t seem to finish on time. I feel so incompetent and weak and I’ve never felt so vulnerable in my entire life as now.

I don’t get any gratification in this job. The pay is ok, but it’s not worth it to feel this bad and sorry for yourself over getting some buck in your pocket. I feel so cynical and jaded. My boss and workmates SUCK. All they do is order me around. They rarely or mostly NEVER help. Everyday is like tormenting myself over and over. And I can’t let go just as easily because of the burden of disappointing people around me.

This is draining. :(

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