Managers policy as opposed to company policy


Right so ive recently been promoted into management after working damn hard for progression. I thought thank christ finally i can start saving for my mortgage properly. Things were looking up. Then i had to move branches. And now i swear im in one of the levels of hell battling Satan herself and her dogs body. I can only really describe my new manager and assistant manager as bullies. Horrible rule making bullies. Because of the shit theyve put me through ive developed stress related health issues and had to be signed off for 2 weeks. I provided sick notes and phoned them warning that my 1week signing off might be extended. I followed every bit of protocal that is printed in a handbook we are recommended to read as if it is a bible. Then today whilst still off sick i recieve a phonecall from the ASM saying i had not followed the sickness procedure correctly. wtf. Apparently i should have been phoning them up and updating them every 3 days. What a load of bollocks. No where in this handbook does it mention that. Its just one of a long list of rules that these 2 like to press on their miserable staff… (btw they have lost over 6 members in the last 6 months and STILL NO INVESTIGATION) hey ho what should i expect. This comes from a woman who expects her management who already work 40 hours a week to do an extra shifts worth of hours extra when they will never get that time in lue back. Bollocks bollocking bollocks. I shall be looking to transfer. So thatll be 7 members theyll loose. I just cant work with women i guess. Bitchy bullies with no respect for their hardworking staff.

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