My psycho client with a pea sized brain


I have a client who is a complete psycho.

The client wanted to run a competition on a radio station and wanted to advertise about their competition through a flyer that will be placed inside their store. So they asked the radio station to develop the poster for them… the radio station refused, as it was not their job to design the poster. The client already has a team of designers that they could ask.

After agreeing that the client will design the poster, they insisted that the radio station send them an image of the celebrity to use in their poster. The radio station didn’t have the copyrights to use an image of the celebrity and we informed the the client that they could legally purchase an image through certain websites for a small fee.

The client calls back, yelling at me and wanting to cancel the entire thing because they do not want to purchase the image, but want to receive it from the radio station for free….

I hate that psycho…this is just one of the crap that I have to deal with on a daily basis with them. That psycho always go out of her way to put me in trouble by spreading lies and stabbing me in the back infront of my boss. Thank God my boss knows that my client is a psychotic, jealous, lying bitch.

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