New manager feeling like an outsider


I took this temp job as a supervisor of a small team team; problem is, they are all super-close to their 2 former bosses (the first boss promoted the second boss to be her replacement, who then hired me). It has been difficult from the get-go and all I can think about is how I should go back to my old job, the one that I was actually good at. I used to feel confident in my abilities and have always been an achiever in my field, but it’s been an uphill battle since day 1. I have to learn not only my job, but everyone else’s, as well as to learn their business and foster some sort of team spirit. Yet I’m always in the shadow of those two former bosses, who still work in the building and are always "there". One of the employees constantly runs to them for assistance and I know they share procedural information without keeping me in the loop. I’ve stated that I need to know what’s going on but I’m usually too busy with paperwork and a million other things to get deeply involved in the nitty-gritty everyday stuff. What do I do? No matter how hard I work or try to support the employees, it never feels right. One in particular made a point of telling me that he should have more responsibility since I’m only there temporarily and he’s there permanently. The nerve! ANyway, just needed to rant!

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