Passed up again


I’ve been with my company close to four years or so now as a technician . A position which is to put it bluntly, the bottom of the totem pole where I work. I make decent money I guess just from the hours I put in. I have a reputation which makes management turn to me when it comes to training new employees in everything from repair to company policy. Despite this, I have been passed up for promotion in my department twice. What makes this tough to accept is not only was I not offered an interview for the position in question, I was passed up for people who I trained myself.

It’s frustrating to see people who didn’t know a single thing before you trained them suddenly making more money, receiving more responsibility and getting more advanced training than you do. I feel despite the long hours, the crazy calls which pull me out of bed in the middle of the night for an emergency repair and all the voluntary overtime mean nothing at all to the higher office. I’m just some moron used to push people into the right direction so they can achieve bigger and better things in the company while I am destined to stay at the bottom until I retire.

I certainly can’t quit. As I have said the money I make is ok and I have not found any better or comparable opportunities as of yet. At this point I’m not even angry. Just disappointed.

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