Project Wolf


My team has been working on a project for 2 months (we will call this project WOLF for clarity), Now this project has ended almost a month and a half ago. On rare occasion we still get some calls about Project WOLF like 1 every 3 day’s and that is for a team of 8 people so you do the math. Our team has had nothing at all to do until our new project can start.

Finally today I get an email on the new project and what needs to be done all the team members recieve an email stating their tasks and resposabilites.

I get an email back from one team member who is contracted from India this is a summary of the Email of course ” Hi **** I just got the email for the new project, unfourtanatly I am still handaling my project WOLF task’s also I have been working on Jim’s task’s as well. I cannot handle both projects at the same time it will create too much confusion. Therefore I continue completing my WOLF task’s and notify you when they are complete.
Thanks, Idiot who needs to be fired”

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