Constantly having crap new colleagues dumped on me to replace the crap old colleagues. Well done, boss! WELL DONE! Rather than discipline anyone, you’d rather have me - the only one reliable enough to SHOW UP and DO THE WORK, rather than cut corners, skive off, lie, and take constant "sick" days off (more skiving) - do all f***ing work ON MY OWN. AGAIN.
If I didn’t need the money I would have quit by now, in fact, the money is the only thing keeping me here because other work is as tight as your wallet. It wouldn’t even kill you to give me a pay rise given all the extra I’ve done. Of course not, it would break you f***ing banks wouldn’t it?
Oh no wait, to ‘keep me happy’ you’ve now made it so I only have ONE F***ING DAY off work. THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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