Smoking at Work


I’m an assistant manager at a fast food restaurant. I’m fed up with this attitude that I get from some (but not all) of the smokers that I supervise: that they’re ENTITLED to smoke breaks throughout the day - no matter the situation.

We’re always critically understaffed, but these people will still ask if they can go outside and do nothing productive for ten minutes at a time, even if we’re behind on cleaning and prep duties.

We’re not going to half-ass our responsibilities to make way for your nicotine fix. I will NOT make the manager that relieves me in the afternoon or opens after my close run a store that is ill-prepared for a rush period!

So when you WASTE 20-30 minutes of labor apiece, those of us that stay on-task have to pick up the slack. We all have to work harder or stay later to accomodate your bad habit.

There are no more smoke breaks. There are only chores that involve going outside, and one five-minute break per shift when business allows. Work through the pain until we’ve accumulated enough trash to take outside.

Thank you for letting me rant.

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