The 2ft tall wannabe…



Is it because the top of your head barely comes up to my nipples? Or is it because I make more money than you? Your childish antics today were comical. The majority of you pieces of shit are fake and I know it. That’s why I enjoy being ALONE! I don’t want to take smoke breaks with you fuckers.

I don’t want to join your shitty clique for lunch and I do not want to share any aspects of my personal life. Why? Because we’re at a fucking JOB! Are you that fucking stupid? It doesn’t surprise me you are not professional because of how retarded you look.

I’ll be thinking about all you dumb fucks while I’m in Bora Bora next weekend. Oh yeah and that contract you’ve been kissing ass to get your hands on for the last few months? Guess who’s taking the client out to lunch on Monday?

AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You fucking idiot. I’m 25, you’re in your early 40’s and you still suck at life. By the way, I know you called me racial slurs and the same people you thought liked you have it recorded.

Good luck on your job search, I hope it’s in another country because these recordings will be sent to every partner I can find.

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