The Bridal Business Gets Very Greedy


I work for a corporation, whose name I will keep confidential (let’s just say they are a national chain, that should narrow it down a quite a bit), that doesn’t care one bit about there employees. I was going to write a review on Glassdoor, but I found that the experience I have to share is more suited for other websites. Because, yes, I want to bring out the gritty truth about the company I work for and in Glassdoor you can only share so much before getting flagged. So here goes.

I’ve worked there for over two years now. In the beginning it was great. I love my coworkers, which I still do to this day (at least the ones that have stuck around along with me). I love seeing my brides happy to find "The Dress". Scratch that I loved seeing my brides happy (emphasis on the past-tense). Now a days it’s I love seeing my brides buy the gown in one session and I really don’t care about their happiness any more. Hey, if you love the dress, that’s great, now buy it and get the fuck out because I have another bride coming in. Don’t peg me for a heartless person. I honestly loved seeing my brides happy; one of the best parts of my job. But after dealing with brides who are one or more of the following, you really start to get used to fake smiling: indecisive ( which leads to more than one session and that is never a good thing, tell you why in a second), too picky, passive aggressive, the bride who apparently loves everything, the "selfie", the bride who doesn’t have a back bone and everyone she brings has an opinion, the bride who thinks is smaller than she really is ("I’m usually a size 4"- uh, no honey your a size 10, I can tell already just by looking at you, which isn’t a bad thing, just don’t be so delusional), the "I want to be unique" bride, the bride who thinks she can do my job better than me (a sweetheart ball gown with beaded bodice and big fluffy tulle skirt does not scream "boho chic"), and last and finally the elusive B.I.T.C.H. which we’ve all come to be known as the "Bridezilla". But despite all the dirt and rocks I have to dig through, there’s always that gem that brings me back to why I loved this job in the first place. The bride who you don’t question, "Who in the hell would marry such a person?". But that’s another story. Just know that when you are truly a good person, I really don’t care if you buy a dress or not from me, I am looking out for your happiness. If you don’t find it with us, I wish you the best. If you do, I am ecstatic to be a part of one of the happiest moments of your life. Any who, moving on.

Bridezillas are a part of my job unfortunately. Bitch bridesmaids and mother of brides too. Screaming bratty kids too. Again, another story.

Back to why I chose that title in the first place. I want a bride to purchase in one session because it would be wasting time and money. The company wants a certain productivity per hour, which means if you spend an hour to two hours with your bride and she doesn’t buy, you’ve wasted your efforts. Here’s an example: required productivity is $150 per hour, you spent two hours with bride and didn’t buy, you have to make up $300 in sales for the rest of the day. And here’s the kicker with that lovely company, that’s the minimum productivity or you may loose your job. So if you’ve gown gown shopping before and you didn’t buy and you find that your consultant may not have a smile on their face, it’s because of that. If they do have a smile, it’s either they liked you as a person and didn’t mind having not closed a sale or they are faking it until they make it. Behind that smile is a rant waiting to happen. Just kidding! Just kidding. Maybe.

And there’s more. Recent changes in the company has made the playing field more competitive. Our store has basically turned into a battle field and you can expect a blood bath to happen. These changes has driven countless of great consultants away. They’ve all just quit because they can’t deal with such an unfair company anymore. And to tell you the truth, currently I am searching for other jobs. Sucks, but the company is going to loose another one. Not to toot my own horn. Ha! Okay enough joking around. I have to deal with new consultants all the time. I can’t keep track! No, I’m kidding again, but seriously, I find coworkers working for a month to three/ four months, and they’re gone! It’s the ridiculous demands the company makes.

On top of productivity, they push selling the store card to customers. I get the concept, but if a bride doesn’t want, don’t make us push it. And commission is alright, not great, but okay. And on top of it, recently, they’ve raised the minimum productivity. Yup, "make more money for us bitches, while you make less commission".

Now to the reason why I’ve decided to rant. Recent changes has the company hiring "seasonal consultants" during the busy season. The seasonal consultants has a minimum productivity too, but less than us, I think like half of the regular consultant’s productivity. But if these seasonal consultants go over their goal, unlike us regular folks, they do not get commission. The company has found a way to maximize revenues with out giving a fucking share to their hard working consultants, whom with out them, the company wouldn’t be making money. Here’s the logistics. There is only so much rooms in the store. You hire more consultants, that limits the number of rooms to take, there fore number of customers I can take. Which limits my earning potential.

The company also goes to telling seasonal consultants that if they perform well, they will most likely be hired as a regular consultant. Which is enticing to them. So they work hard to get sales which makes the environment more competitive. In the particular day that really got to me and the reason for this story also is the day the seasonal consultant, which usually takes care of special occasion customers (we also do special occasion, which I won’t go further into explaining), has made $3000 in sales because they get more rooms than us regular consultants who get only two rooms to take care of brides, and I made only $1200. What in the hell is that consultant going to do with that when she will not be earning commission? I tell you what, I then realized the company’s strategy.

I am disgusted with this company now and is the reason why I now cringe at anything dealing with bridal. Watching "Say Yes To the Dress" is now not a favorable pass time. In fact I quickly change channels when it comes up. I want nothing to do with bridal stuff.

And another thing, if Managers and District Managers double their revenues in their district or store, they get bonuses upwards of $20,000. Figures.

Needless to say, when I get married someday, I will not be buying my dress from this company. And in fact, since being disgusted by this company, my irk for anything wedding has made me not want to get married for a while. Maybe in the future, but I’ll need some time away from anything wedding related.

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