The Dread


Back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off and I’m filled with dread. The manager is the weirdest man I’ve ever known - a micro manager, who seems to get a kick out of seeing someone is busy and then piling even more work onto them (whilst standing over them correcting their every typo, of course.) The supervisor is a grossly overweight woman, who rarely gets up off her chair and delegates as if it’s going out of fashion (but for someone with "loads on" she always has time to play games online and fiddle with her mobile phone!) Then there’s a whole batch of moody, stuck-in-the-70s type workers, who get annoyed if they actually have to do any work whatsoever. It’s what we get PAID FOR!!! Then there’s chatty man, who doesn’t care how busy you are because he loves the sound of his own voice and has this insane need to be heard. Then there’s the geek, who spends 90% of his time online doing nothing, but then complains about having "so much work" to do. I see your screen! Stop pretending you’re hard done by! Not only does everyone expect everything to be done for them, but the world revolves around each and every one of them. The traveling to and from work is a nightmare. The pay is okay, but the mental strain is getting to me. Better to be poor and not suicidal then not as poor and ready to jump in front of a train rather than go into Hell. I feel trapped and I feel like I will snap any moment. Tomorrow is a new chapter. No-more putting up with their crap. I’m done with it.

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