The Stupid Leading the Blind


So we’re moving to a new location a block away. They told us we would be all moved in by the beginning of March. Now it looks like it may not be before May. No one shares any information, and if you’re stupid enough to make a suggestion it somehow disappears between the ears of the boss. The boss is so busy making sure she doesn’t make any waves that the rest of us get screwed. We’ve barely seen our new workspace, but the boss’ office already has the furniture set up and is all ready to go. Meanwhile the rest of us fumble around wondering what is happening and when. If anyone is under the impression that I am packing up all this paperwork and dragging it over there myself they are sadly mistaken. Stop being so cheap, non-communicative, along with deaf, dumb, and blind. And the best part is we have to sit through an hour long meeting on the importance of empathy….from people who have none.

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