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I really love it when you come into my office first thing in the morning and immediately start rattling off a name I’ve never heard before and asking me if I received any e-mail or materials for “Project YaddaYaddaYadda” from “Miss Priss”. When I tell you I’ve never HEARD that name before, even open up the company inbox to LOOK for it and showing there’s nothing there under such a name, you still press on, using that same unknown name: “Nothing at all asking for our uploading information from Miss Priss?” “No,” I say. “I haven’t seen or heard of anyone by the name of ”Miss Priss”, let alone sent her any information. “Well,” you continue,” she was supposed to send something yesterday”. “Well, YESTERDAY, I got some material from Miss Thang.” “Well, Miss THANG is Miss Priss’s SISTER.” I felt like saying (but didn’t): HOW THE FUCK WOULD I HAVE KNOWN THAT, ASSHOLE?? Miss Thang’s email never mentioned any “Miss Priss”. No one told me Miss Priss and Miss Thang even CONNECTED until YOU walk in this morning and start going on like I can read your mind. You go ballistic and tell me to stop “jumping down your throat” and how “tired you are of MY bullshit when you ask a simple question”.
You know what’s bullshit? You do that shit CONSTANTLY, coming in and asking for things using information that I can’t even associate with a specific job, then acting as if it’s MY fault I can’t deduce Fact B from Fact A when I’ve never HEARD of Fact B before.

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