This is aimed directly at you, B.


You know, you may judge me for reading romance. Or you may judge me because I asked you once how to get T’s attention for my piece. Admittedly this occurred during a mild panic attack, and I was kind of rambling. But instead of being a DECENT HUMAN BEING and helping your student, or at least offering some advice, you merely shrugged, chewed your goddamn celery stalk and slouched off, no doubt back to the clouds of sulfur from whence you came.

First of all, I hate the way you chew your damned celery. It’s not a piece of gum, it’s a fucking vegetable. Therefore, STOP clicking it wetly in your cheeks! It’s utterly repulsive and abhorrent and makes me want to punch a hole through a wall. Good, now that I’ve got that grievance out of the way… Onwards to Why I Hate You, Pt. 2.

You immediately judged me. From the moment I mentioned that I enjoyed reading romance, you judged me. Just dismissed my topic as taking "the easy way out". Well, forgive me for being so remiss as to write about a topic that means something to me, instead of pandering to you and writing about orphanages or cancer or death or little kids with learning disabilities. I do not wish to take anything away from these topics, or the people who chose them. Sure, although they’re largely unoriginal, they’re still prevalent in society and they need to be addressed. Fine, whatever. But you know what else needs to be addressed? The way you - an educator and scholar, for fuck’s sake - immediately put down an entire genre of fiction, and one that makes up about 50% of book sales overall.

Women read romance! There are so many sub-genres of romance, and believe it or not, but chances are that if you’ve read Anne Karenina, Pride and Prejudice or Madame Bovary, you’ve read a romance novel. Shocked, huh? I bet you feel all wrong, for degrading yourself like that. How could you read such senseless smut?? Well, gun to my head I’d wager a bet that there are thousands of scholars across the globe who’d be proud of themselves - or at least pleased - for reading those books.

But you… You don’t care! You’ve made your mind up that we’re all anti-feminist idiots who just want to click our glittery red heels a la Dorothy and wind up back in Oz, or in this case puritan New England. And whatever - I don’t care what you think. But when it affects my grades and my life, I take it personally. Ask yourself this - how much did you help the others? Hmmm? Definitely more than you helped me.

Is it because I’m not white? Is it because of my topic? Is it because I’m not as pretty or thin as the others? I put myself out there. I really do. I did so much work for this. I reached out to WS, a woman I idolize. You have no idea how much strength it took to pull all of this together, and how terrified I was every step of the way. All I needed was a little support or maybe a few encouraging words, to know I wasn’t on the wrong track. But you hated me, right from the off. Why? What did I do wrong?

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