Tolerating my boss is exhausting


January this year, I have emailed a quotation for a company that has been with us for quite some time. I emailed the quote to this guy named "Will" and called him to inform him I’ve already done that job, he says okay, then forgets my existence a few days later. But, I called him again and he says he’ll get back to me. A few weeks later I get a call from his coworker from another department, let’s cal him John. John, said he passed the quotations to his manager and said would get back to me in a few days. Not a surprise a few days passed with no feedback, so I emailed John cause calling him again is exhausting at this point. He says the same thing, and I’ve called him regarding this process for twice-three times a week all the way from February to May and he keeps saying the same thing. Oh by the way my boss’s wife thinks she knows all that because during one of those months of me already completely pissed off at John cause he won’t tell me that he can’t get it done now but instead lies to me and says it’ll be done or he’ll get back to me in a few damn days. Anyways, my bosss wife in one of those months calls me out and gave me a small chit chat saying how i need to cal John cause of this works they have a lot of items for us to do. I guess it would’ve been easier to accept her clueless little minded comment if she hasn’t shown her true colors of nitpicking everyone here falsely or when she’s in a bad mood. Anyway that’s another story. This month I got a call from John saying I’ll get the purchase orders that gives us permission to proceed, and as always it delays and ends up being faxed over to me a few days later after he said I’ll get it after lunch. The purchase orders came in 6 papers. A total of 70 chairs. Our first time collecting the chairs I asked John beforehand "what type and how many are we collecting?" He says he’ll get back, he gives me a list but ends up being completely less and doesn’t make sense to what my driver collected back. Fast forward to keep it short, he let us collect two chairs that weren’t even in the damn quotAtion with pictures attached. second is when we delivered the first batch of chairs and collected the others. And when it’s about time to deliver he others I told him to prepare the remaining ones so we can collect upon delivering the second batch. He had the guts to tell me "didn’t you guys collect everything?" I say "no we only collected 34" and he says "no you collected everything." I say "then you put in extra chairs in the purchase order. He says he would get back to me. He doesn’t. After three weeks of calling him asking him how’s the sorting out the purchase order you promised going? Needless to say the whole I’d get back to lasted two weeks until he asks if my boss can go over cause it’ll be clearer to explain cause John himself is hugely confused. By the way there was a chair that wasn’t quoted but he handed it to us and it would suppose to be let’s say €20 to repair, but he put it as €40 along with the other chairs priced at that. Now this is where it happens, two days ago, my boss and I went down to the factory to look at the chairs and I am always the one informing my coworkers and people about the processes update so we would all be on the same page. I told my boss that he put the chair as €40 and my boss replies with no this chair is €20. I said yes I know but I just wanted you to know that John thought it was €40. I told my boss about this since I found out two weeks ago but I wanted to remind him again cause that day was when he finally said okay to going to John. My boss kept saying no it’s €20, "I told you before" I wanted to bitch slap him straight away. I made myself very clear that John thinks it’s that price. I’m informing you because I don’t want you to forget about it and look like a fucking idiot that didn’t expect this. Anyways, when he went to John and came back he says stuff is sorted(though the whole situation is quite messy but John and my boss decides not to look into it too much but just accept any chairs that comes to us until it hits 70) anyways, he comes back and explains in the most useless and hArd to understand way, might as well called it explaining to himself than to me, and he says one thing that was very I guess you can say triggerable for me to flip my desk over. He tells me to "do my work properly, this company has been doing stuff here for a long time." The tone he said it in was looking down on me slash a bit annoyed cause he had to go meet John. But now, our company is small, and he didn’t let my manager in on this process so my manager couldn’t have sorted this out, and I’m not even close to a manager to make decisions and I’ve put in my time and effort to sort this to make it easier for him but John wasn’t letting me in on things. And there was one chair where my workshop coworkers said they didn’t see it at all so we didn’t collect it back, but we fucking did and they said we didn’t, so when my boss asked me I said we haven’t collected this cause to me it was the false truth. I’ve asked my workshop manager who handles these and he said no haven’t seen it. Put aside that scene that made me look like a clueless idiot, my boss stalled the meeting with John thinking everything would clear up, I end up being somewhat blamed on about this. And this isn’t the first time John fucked shit up, he has done it throughout the years and my boss knows full well. And guys, I was actually hired to be just a fucking receptionist.

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