Trust your gut


A couple of months ago, I took a job at a large agency (“tech” side). I knew that it would require a lot of long hours and be very busy. However I was up for the challenge and the opportunity to gain experience on the agency side. On a regular basis, I worked directly with internal agency clients trying to keep up with numerous projects and their overall demands. I would come early in the office and leave late (to demonstrate to my boss that I was dedicated).

After a couple of months, I finally managed to have a review with my boss. To my display, he advised me on the fact that I need to “pick my battles,” that the internal agency teams are not impressed with me and my work was sub par. He focused on the negatives and didn’t provide me with anything positive to work with. I started to think what I did to cause these problems. I figured it out. The main problem is that I’ve been doing the work that really should be allocated to 3 people, the internal folks who provided with bad review is a result of me asking many questions and they’re unable to provide me with answers, my boss is easily swayed by “clicky” women in the office and finally my boss is an arrogant ego driven jerk. I don’t trust him or the people I work with at all. My moral and confidence is really low right now that I want to scream because I"m in this position!!

So now I go into work in an extreme high stressed environment. I have really bad anxiety because each day I think he’s going to fire me. It’s not a healthy way to live. Instead of waiting for it to happen, I want to leave gracefully and leave the company. Moral of the story is always go with you gut and never work at a large multinational agency.

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