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Ok so i work at a movie theatre and just like the rest of these stories, this business is nowhere close to being sanitary. Case number one- the theatre has a horrible fly problem. Because of all the food products that dont get cleaned up at night, we attract plenty of big ass bugs. One of the places they like to live is where we store the nachoes. Some employees will not clean out the dead bugs that fall inside the nachoes we serve to the customers, so they end up adding the cheese right on top of the flies, hiding them from the customers. Ive personally seen this happen four times, but i wouldnt say anything because im an asshole, i can admit it.
Case number 2- Dont eat the popcorn. Every single employee eats out of the popper (the popcorn maker). Dirty hands shovel into that damn thing, and i dont work with the cleanest people. Besides, the popcorn isnt as fresh as people think. A little hint, dont ever trust a food service employee, they are lying their ass off so they dont have to add to their workload. Even i do it, sorry.
Case number 3- Dont eat the hot dogs. Ive worked at this theatre for 2 years now and ive never seen us throw an unused hot dog out. Some hot dogs may have been up there for 4-5 days depending on how busy we were.
A couple of hints about the movies–
Dont get comfortable in your chair unless your not worried about human fluids. The movies seats are by far the nastiest things. People could puke on those damn things and guess what we dont change them. All we do is wipe off the access and wait til it dries. Snot, mucus and yes even semen can be found on those seats without a doubt. Ive found over 10 empty condom wrappers and 4 actual used condoms on the floor in my day, so dont be surpised if that person used the seat next to them as their jiz rag. Believe it people, the movie industry is full of lazy ass fucks, including myself. I just have a bigger heart than the rest to inform you poor helpless movie-goers.

I wish all of you knew how nasty movie theatres are. Oh and a side point, we used to have bums living in our theatre for a good few months. They really smelt the place up, we still cant get rid of their smell and theyve been gone two months.
So you have been warned… be prepared the next time you want to see a movie. :)

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