Under appreciated and semi bullied


I worked hard to find a career in HR and been here for 7 years. Learned a lot, met a lot of people but the time has come to find a better HR environment to work in. It all started 3 years ago when we got a new HR dir. She’s a piece of work and we knew she was placed to get most of the dept fired was the word on the street. Can we say dictator, bully, slave driver and this is HR where policies rules and being there for employees are the motto. Yup, nope, she was hired to clean ship and within two years she’s done just that. There’s three of us left that do the role of an HR Generalist and it’s been a stressful and sad ride. We have no one we can complain to, it’s all politically driven and can only pray to God to save us. I’ve come to a point where I’ve realized I have to look elsewhere which is sad cause they have lost a lot of competent employees and not just in HR but other depts since the ruling of this queen. Just praying I hear of an interview soon. Everyday my stomach in knots, anxiety attacks, feel down, no motivation to work and took sick days to survive. Don’t want to quit without another job and hoping God keeps me strong and sane. I believe in Karma and know there will be a day where I look back and say amazing but today just trying to breathe and make it. I feel for those of you in similar shoes and will pray that things get better for all of us. Somehow things will change and life will get better and those who have cause this onto their staff will pay one day.

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