I work for a horrible social media company located in California.

We work from home so you’d THINK this would be a happy
time in my life but for the last 8 years, it’s been hell on wheels.

First, there is NO way of moving up or into any other client area UNLESS YOU GO ABOVE and BEYOND your minimum wage station.
There has NEVER been a pay raise and countless other moderators
have also griped about the treatment via glassdoor and other venues.

It’s really hard to go on being treated like chattel but 8 years looks impressive for a car or place to live and I have no self esteem even though I have a degree.

Moderators who work for this company are on food stamps as much as the retail giants employees but make far less so need government assistance far more.

I will soon be leaving because no one cares anyway..

I hate that CEO Peter stupid and his stupid book- what an idiot!

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