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thanks "Crappy Company, INC" for being possibly the most ethically challenged employer that I have ever worked at.

I learned a couple of months ago that I don’t qualify for FMLA at the moment… that’s fine no problem, the baby is due two weeks AFTER my August hire date anyways… oh wait but what about the skank in the office who is friends with the skank that works in HR??? SHE is due in June and started AFTER me in September… how in the hell is SHE eligible for FMLA if SHE hasn’t worked here for 12 months?

oh… so YOU "Like" her and are going to make an exception for her huh? I see… oh but what about that girl in the other department who is also due in JUNE but didn’t start at the company until OCT?? surely she isn’t going to be eligible for FMLA also? oh wait, SHE is the stepdaughter of your inventory control analyst.. I see so she ALSO will be an "exception to the rule"

ok, well what about the fact that you changed the employee benefits policy last month allowing all new hires that pass their 90 days to be able to get a week’s paid vacation…. I’ve been hired back 6 months (after working there for 8 years) so where is MY 5 days of paid vacation?

OOOOOHHHHHHHHH REALLLY?!?!? I don’t get this "new employee benefit" because MY 90 days were up 90 days ago??? I see so I HAVE to wait until my hire date in August to receive a paid week of vacation when new hires that come on board AFTER me only have to wait 90 days?

Please I beg can someone tell me how ANY of the shit that this company is pulling is moral in any fucking way????

I hope with every fucking fiber in my being that this company fucking tanks, my hope is that this company fails so I can move on with my life and never see its logo, or any kind of reminder of it anywhere again in my life. but I don’t think I really need to expend the energy of caring very much about that.

with the mismanagement from idiots like the "Director of Operations" the owner’s inability to keep it in his pants as he hires woman that he meets at BARS!!!!!

yeah, I’m super ultra mega fucking confident that this company is its own failure and it will never really succeed at growing.

and BTW I am planning on quitting after the baby is born, so all this is really moot. but it just fucking floors me how I was a loyal employee there for 8 years, left after I was demoted into a temporary position when I was in an accident and came back 12 weeks later. I just can’t believe how abusive uncaring and morally corrupt this company is.

and furthermore; I hope that herpes ridden diseased Ryan and his fucking retarded boy wonder assistant fall off the face of the planet.

Peace out FUCKERS!!!

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