wednesdays suck and i wish i could trade them in for fridays. but then again i wish i could trade all days in for friday, or saturday even. let me recount to you where my deep rooted hatred of wednesdays began.

as a part of my job, we are requird to attend special events. well this particular “special” event made me hate my job more than ever. i had the afternoon shift: 2-6pm. well turns out traffic is horrible, and i find the place ok, however, parking was another story. i drove around for nearly 20 minutes trying to find cheap parking. mistake #1, cuz there was none.

i try to make a left where evidently you can’t, and get flicked off and told to “get the fuck off the road” by some very uptight driver whom i guess hates wednesdays worse than me. ends up, i have to park in the $20 event parking lot. already more than slightly peeved, i opened my wallet to discover i didn’t have $20 cash. i asked the little man what to do and he said, well i’ll just take your keys and you can give me $20 when you return. TAKE MY KEYS?!?! hell no. but what other choice do i have? i’m already an hour late for my shift. so against my better judgement, i give the man my keys and tell him i’ll be back by 6. mistake #2.

so this adds an element of fun b/c i not only have to worry about this guy selling my keys to someone on the street, but i have to find an ATM somewhere, which probably means i’ll be walking around the city streets at night in an effort to do so. mistake #3.

now the fun part begins when i get inside. so my supervisor says to me before i leave, “we’re at booth ###, on the lower level. just go in
and show your badge at the booth and they’ll give you a pass to get you in free.” sounds foolproof right? WRONG. i go to the little booth at the entrance and show the little lady my badge. she looks through the book of all the vendors and can’t find us anywhere. she sends me on a wild goose chase to find the press room. so this building is huge and it takes me a good 5 minutes to get up there. and when i see the room, i know it’s the wrong place. they think i’m actually PRESS. not a little girl who is just supposed to sit at a booth. so i see them all busily on phones, and turn right around. mistake #4.

so then i decide to just find it on my own b/c my coworker said it was near a certain display. so i go down the escalator to the lower level and find that there are people there checking tickets, which of course i don’t have cuz i was supposed to get one from the press room. so back upstairs i go and i finally get back up to the dreaded press room, flash my badge, get my pass, and head back down to try and find this alleged booth. mistake #5.

the bottom floor is about 3 blocks long and as wide as a football field. so walk around for about 30 mins, asking everyone i can where our booth is. nobody has any idea, and even the couple of event staff that i ask have no idea either, even when i give them the booth number. so i end up going BACK to the stand at the entrance, almost in tears at this point, and asking her where our booth is. i’d tried calling my coworker about 10 times, but kept getting that annoying fast, beeping signal. thinking that maybe my cell phone wasn’t working, i used a pay phone, which didn’t work either (i find out later he gave me the wrong #). mistake #6.

so i go back up to the entrance, pretty pissed off at this point and would’ve left, but i didn’t know who was at the booth waiting and if they would think that i just skipped out and report to my boss that i never showed. so i was willing to try one more time. it was about 4:15 at this point and my shift was only til 6. the little ladies out front, sent me back to the press room, which had become the bane
of my existance. so i head up and talk to the same lady that had given me my badge and asked her to please direct me to the right booth. she pointed me across the room to a lady on the phone. so i interrupt her and ask her where i can find my booth. she didn’t know either and pointed me to another guy across the room. i think i had actually gotten up to the director of the entire show at this point, and he stops what he is doing, and pulls out a map, finally a useful one, and says yeah, you’re at ###. i wanted to scream cuz i knew that all along but instead i just asked politely how to get there. he said i was to go all the way to the back of the building in the corner. i wanted to cry b/c it would take at least 15 minutes to get there, and that would mean going back down to the dreaded basement floor where i had spent the better part of an hour previously walking around aimlessly. evidently i just hadn’t gone FAR enough back so i make the trek back down and low and behold, in the very back, left hand corner, was a
little 4×2 table with our lousy banner hanging off of it. i plop down, exhausted, at the whopping time of 4:30pm. exactly 1 and 1/2 hours after i started my expedition.

and that’s why i hate my job AND Wednesdays.

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