Where do I start?


I guess I could make weekly entries to make these shorter. I probably have enough material to last a year.
OK here’s something.
My name is NOT chicky, honey, pretty lady, doll or sugar. Nor did I ever desire to acquire such an address. Using the nicknames you use (for everyone I have overheard) does not endear you to me, or them I am guessing. It may make you feel above others, when really its just insulting. Just consider the fact that I am nearly a decade older than you. If you had one ounce of respect for others you would use their names to address them. Instead you’re the type of person who uses phrases like, " I’m not trying to be rude, it’s just that……"
Wisdom, which comes with age, tells you that if a person starts out that way, they’re about to insult the ever living snot out of you.

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